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I love fishing in uncrowded places and this seems a very sensible way of running it both for the anglers and for the wellbeing of the fish

- Adam Penning

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Tillingham Lake MapTillingham Lake
Sometimes known as the Front Lake

Tillingham Lake is the first lake you will come to after entering the fishery it is approximately 4.5 acres. The lake has 13 good size swims to choose from but is limited to only 10 anglers, giving all anglers plenty of open water to fish and plenty of space on the bank; most swims will accommodate a 2 man bivvy.

The lake has manly overhanging trees and an abundance of large thick reed beds, giving the fish plenty of cover and natural feeding areas. The average size of fish is 16-23lb although the current lake record stands at 32lb.10oz. The front lake is not only a home for carp as in the murky depths of the lake inhabits the Wels Catfish that have reached weights of over 85lb we believe that there are around 30 of these powerful fish present. The front lake also holds Perch, Roach, Rudd and Tench.

Tillingham Lake at Par Fisheries Tillingham Lake (Front Lake)

Faraway Lake
Sometimes known as the Back Lake

Faraway lake is a more engaging water of the two lakes where the average weight of carp is 20lb with a current lake record of 38lb 8oz.  At the right time of the year the lake holds around 15 different thirty pound carp with at least 4 fish over 35lb.

The lake itself is approximately 4 acres in size and the stock is around 80-100 carp. There are 6 swims to choose from on the back lake which gives all the swims plenty space on the bank and an abundance of open water to fish so comfortable fishing for up to 6 anglers at one time.

The lake has plenty of overhanging trees and an wealth of large thick reed beds, giving the fish plenty of cover and natural feeding areas.  Please note that the back lake can be weedy in the summer months.

Faraway Lake at Par Fisheries Faraway Lake (Back Lake)